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Christmas Fun

December 2002

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dec2002_01.jpg dec2002_dillon07.jpg dec2002_dillon06.jpg
  Dillon gets into the spirit of things
dec2002_ethan09.jpg dec2002_aldonna10.jpg dec2002_reindeer_03.jpg
Ethan and Aldonna making the shortbread reindeer on the sunroom window
xmasday2002_01.jpg xmasday2002_02.jpg xmasday2002_04.jpg
Ethan loves his "bouncy thing", his mother Vanessa watches in the background
xmasday2002_13.jpg xmasday2002_14.jpg xmasday2002_15.jpg
Dillon isn't sure how to start, so his mother, Miranda assists
xmasday2002_05.jpg Rainey and her mother preparing the dinner together xmasday2002_11.jpg

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