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Christmas Fun

December 2001
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Christmas Eve

Poppa, Ethan (wearing the hat from Saya) and Vanessa
xmaseve07.jpg xmaseve09.jpg Linda (Rainey)

(not exactly the
best angle, but the
only one I am in !!!)
xmaseve04.jpg Jason, (Ethan's father) Peter, Damien
Aldonna, my Father (Poppa, George) my Mother (Laurie, GG), Miranda, Vanessa and Ethan having fun outside before it got toooooo cold ...
xmaseve14.jpg xmaseve11.jpg xmaseve16.jpg
and back inside again
xmaseve20.jpg xmaseve23.jpg xmaseve24.jpg

Christmas Day

Ethan enjoyed opening his gifts ...
I love the way he decides to back up and sit on me!!!
xmasday11.jpg xmasday12.jpg
xmasday16.jpg My mother busy in the kitchen ... The plum pudding is slowly boiling on the stove, see the teatowels under the lid???
xmasday18.jpg The table is ready and waiting ....

time to go see if Ethan is awake yet ...
xmasday20.jpg xmasday21.jpg xmasday22.jpg
Aldonna encouraging Ethan to wake up ... it's time to go eat ...
xmaslunch01.jpg xmaslunch02.jpg xmaslunch03.jpg
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